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About us

Our inspiration moves from the impalpable lightness of the season we like most: summer, in Latin "Aestas". Summer, as we think of it, must be "Clara", that is, illustrious, brilliant or, to use a contemporary term, simply fashionable.

Clara Aestas is a project born from our indisputable love for fashion and, more generally, for beauty, thanks to our mothers who have instilled in us the concepts of style, class and elegance since we were little girls. We imagine our girls in their most beautiful moments and each of them is, for us, a princess and every princess must be given what she wants.

For the more sophisticated we have thought of the Angel collection, characterized by our precious lace and the delicacy of the pastel shades.

The splendid island of Capri and the atmosphere of yesteryear that it evokes is the place where the Reginella bikini was born, designed for the most romantic who will appreciate a bikini with classic shapes but no less fascinating and unique in its kind.

In stark contrast is our Minimal Collection with clean lines and great sensuality. It was designed for the girl with contemporary tastes. Theta is an asymmetric one-shoulder swimsuit inspired by ancient Greece.

Last but not least, the Bridal Collection which combines the finest fabrics and laces with every style requirement. We are simply the first brand to have thought of creating a beach product as well as a wedding dress.

Each costume is made entirely by hand following the most ancient traditions of Made in Italy and, for this reason, it is to be considered unique, original and exclusive. Each garment can be purchased on our website and, by following us on our instagram page clara_aestas, you too can participate in the #beaestas lifestyle and live our dream with us.

All fairy tales begin with "Once upon a time" but we want each of our girls to have a fairy tale begin with the purchase of a Clara Aestas costume...

...after all, it is no coincidence that summer and ecstasy often coincide!.